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About Me

Who I Am

My name is Junior Fitz Campbell and I love living life to its fullest. Half Jamaican and half British, I’ve had the immense opportunity to travel to more than 29 countries for business, pleasure, and self-improvement. As a 9-year professional chef, nutritionist, personal trainer, and body building coach, I’ve been able to positively impact lives, improve others’ health and wellness, and lead happier lives. At Fitz Fitness, I want to give people the support and direction they need to be the very best version of themselves.

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My Mission

Just like my clients, I have goals that can be achieved through hard work, perseverance, and dedication. I will always strive to help clients with their specific goals, be it weight loss, enhanced fitness, body building, or just living a healthier, happier lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is about properly balancing your fitness, nutrition, and physical and mental wellness. I want to help you develop them all equally to reach your personal pinnacle of health and happiness.


Fitz Fitness was established to help others challenge their personal status quo by learning how to eat healthier, be more fit, and properly balance their mental and physical wellness. Whether you’re looking for group training, personalized coaching, want to foray into body building, or just want to eat a bit better, I can help you achieve personal greatness. 

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