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Challenging ourselves through rigorous, yet controlled, training is how we build stronger, healthier bodies capable of improved strength, endurance, and natural energy.

Here at Fitz Fitness, I want to give you the tools, direction, and support you need to train and progress in a safe, effective manner. Whether you want to join a group setting or want more individualized training, I have multiple plans and opportunities to suit your specific needs.

Safe, Effective Training Regimens

All the training conducted by Fitz Fitness is done under a controlled, focused environment to ensure you’re pushing your bodies without purposely causing strain or harm. Regardless of the class or program you attend, you should always listen to your body and never overdo it on any single session. Proper training requires time, consistency, and balance, which is paramount to your long-term success.

Group Fitness Classes

Fitz Fitness group classes are about building stronger minds and bodies while staying engaged with friends, partners, and classmates. I want you to feel comfortable as you grow physically and emotionally together, achieving your goals in a safe, supportive environment that keeps you inspired. Classes are generally an hour in length and can be attended during the week or on the weekend to better match your personal schedule.

Professional Bodybuilding

Whether you’re looking to bulk up, cut, or just achieve a professional-grade physique worthy of the judges table, I want to help get you there with a long-term training program that builds you up and helps you sustain it at a high level. This program is for those looking to take their mind and body to new heights through intense, consistent training that pushes you to the limits.

Individual Training

When you want personalized training that helps you lose weight, teaches you how to eat better, and revitalizes your health and wellness, my one-on-one program is the right choice for you. Designed around your lifestyle, eating habits, and personal needs, Fitz Fitness customized training sessions will get you in the best shape of your life.







Call: 305 297 4078


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